Space Chamber


- High quality unit, virtually unbreakable
- Easy to clean
- Valve with low resistance to the flow of aerosols.
- Silicone mask for comfort and sealing. 



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San Up Twister Ultrasonic Nebulizer

grande- Spray with any type of medication
- No need for water
- The closed chamber contains a solution of distilled water and Benzalkonium Chloride 0.01%
- Single system ADR for greater use of the medication.


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San Up Chu-Chu-Train Nebulizer Compressor

San Up Chu-Chu-Train Nebulizador Compressor- Attractive design for children
- Nebulization with more fun
- Spray with any type of medication



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TiOx Shampoo Removes and Prevents

Tiox Champô Elimina e Previne

- Exhibitor (12 packs)
- Daily use shampoo (250ml)
- 100% Vegetable Origin, Safe and Non-Toxic
- Quassia Amara (largest insect repellent of Nature)
- Cosmetic Effect (takes care of the hair)


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Purederm strip black spots

Purederm Tira pontos negros- Exhibitor (6 packs of 6 strips each).
- The easiest way to remove blackheads from the nose.
- Immediate results with just one use



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