Bilevel AirCurve 10 VAuto

1990,00 €


The company D'Ar Saúde offers one year of maintenance. (Service available only to Continental Portugal)

The AirCurve 10 VAuto is a self-adjusting bilevel device that utilizes the comfort of the AutoSet ™ algorithm and the Easy-Breathe waveform in the VAuto algorithm to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea who may benefit from increased pressure support.

The AirCurve 10 VAuto adjusts the basal pressure to keep the airway open while maintaining a fixed support pressure.

The Easy-Breathe pressure waveform mimics the normal breathing waveform and reproduces it for your breathing comfort.

Continuous leakage management allows therapeutic pressure to be reliably delivered while maintaining patient-device synchronization.
Supports up to 15 l / min of supplemental oxygen in S and CPAP modes, and 4 l / min in VAuto mode.

The quiet Easy-Breathe engine helps promote a peaceful environment for the next-door sleeper.

The built-in ambient light sensor adjusts to the brightness of the room. Therefore, if you need to get up at night, the screen backlight will not disturb your bed partner. The light also goes out automatically so you can go back to sleep without hassle.



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